Social Media

Social Media

If you are looking for someone experienced in creating content for your social networks or developing a Social Media Ad campaign, you are in the right place!

from £15

“You are what you post”


I can create Spanish Content such as videos, texts, images and infographics for your posts or ads. Don’t be shy! Tell me your goals, so I can focus on the right segment and optimize every piece.


Knowing if you are reaching your goals is important, therefore, looking at the key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. That’s why I will be always measuring the campaign in terms of user engagement, reach, leads and conversions.


Your content will always be ready to be posted at the best hours. I can do so since I prepare and schedule every post in advance using different tools, for instance, Hootsuite.

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I can assist you in running Social Media Ad campaigns that adapt to your budget.

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