Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy

If you want to improve your business through marketing, but you don’t know how to, I’ll be glad to help you out!

from £70

“where there is a will, there is a way”

  • Let's talk!

First of all, we should talk about your company goals, brand values and where your business is going. This chat would prepare the ground for a solid Marketing strategy.

  • data is key

If your business has been on the field for a while, going over the data and statistics it has been generating is a crucial step. On the other hand, if your business were new, we would make use of other Marketing tools.

  • Report

Once all the necessary company info and stats are gathered, I would elaborate a thorough report on the most suitable strategy, the reasons for this choice and the tools and data that led my recommendations.

  • Clearing up your doubts

I will send you a report with my recommendations. Then, I will answer all your questions and we would adapt the modifications that could come up. If necessary, you would even receive a new report with the final strategy.

  • Keeping your team informed

At this stage, if your team were affected by the modifications, I could create a visual document, an infographic for example, that would help them to understand the concepts, causes, goals, and how to carry out all the recommendations. So, at a certain level, I would be training them.

  • support

I can help you and your team to get a better grasp of how to carry out the strategy and what to do at every step. If you prefer, I could work for you as a freelancer to develop it and carry it out. You choose!

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