About Lorena Garciaro

Hi, my name is Lorena García Rodríguez and I am a Spanish Freelancer who is passionate about Digital Marketing! 

Everything began some years ago when I was studying my last college year on Psychology at Pontifical University of Salamanca. One of the assignments of the year was “Organizational Psychology” and it was then that I met the amazing world of using psychology to improve companies. I realized that I was attracted to all the info taught by the professor; meanwhile most of my classmates were bored from it. I started to research by myself and I realized that this was another way to assist people, through their aspirations and dreams related to the business world.

Due to that, I decided to study a master degree on Marketing and Creative Advertising at Manchester Metropolitan University. While I was studying it, I started to do internships as a marketing executive at Seventy7, a highly regarded marketing agency in Manchester. This internship made it clear to me; I wouldn’t be able to work on any other sector because I love what I do!

I’m nowadays working for several companies as a freelancer and I live amid Spain and the UK.

I’m a dynamic person that it’s enthusiastic about what is doing. I adore my job and enjoy doing what I love.

I know (due to my experience) the importance that SEO has for content, using keywords, anchor texts, page rank, domain authority, etc. I possess know-how on writing and translating articles, as well as how to produce content in WordPress and other CMS, press releases and posts on different social media platforms  (even using several tools such as Hootsuite).

I also know how to analyze data and statistics from different marketing tools like Google Analytics for the purpose of suggesting the best strategy for each moment and depending upon the business model. Don’t hesitate on visiting the services section for more details!

Moreover, you can find interesting articles in my Spanish blog, write a guest post or listen to weekly podcasts. Don’t miss it!


If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong

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Blogs that publish regularly obtain 67% more interested clients. Companies that update their blogs more than 16 times per month generate 3,5 more traffic.

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70% of businesses have duplicate their efforts on content marketing having into consideration its importance and outcomes.

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72% of marketing experts assure that the most efficient SEO strategy is the creation of relevant content.